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Order Mice

Ordering Mice


Mice can be ordered from our Sale Strain Colonies or issued from Researcher Colonies.  Quick guides for ordering mice using StuartWeb are provided below.  

Procedure for Ordering Sale Strain Mice on StuartWEB [pdf]

Procedure for Ordering Mice from a Researcher's Own Colony on StuartWEB [pdf]

Please note that you must have the relevant AEC, IBC, and/or MTA approvals BEFORE placing orders.  

If you don't already have an account or StuartWEB Access please see Set Up Account or StuartWEB Access.

Instructions for Research Colonies


StuartWeb also has a section for managing research colonies called Lines.   The Lines section is used to input information regarding how colonies are managed in terms of phenotype, breeding, genotyping, and culling.  It separates out the on-going instructions for each line making these easier to find for ABR staff.  This frees up the communications platform to be used for specific instructions about individual mice.

Please find a quick guide to Line Instructions below. 

Entering Line Instructions to Manage Research Colonies using StuartWeb