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Maintaining Research Colonies

Australian BioResources (ABR) specialises in the breeding and housing of genetically modified mouse lines for clients.

Maintaining Strains Composite

Staff are highly trained in the care of these mice and can offer:

  • Advice on breeding programmes
  • Weekly husbandry and monitoring 
  • Tissue collection for genotyping
  • Identification using tail tattooing (@2 wks) or ear marking (@3 wks)
  • Breeding of mouse strains under instructions from clients
  • Special services such as time mating, weighing, specific monitoring for phenotype

Tired of receiving out-of-date stock sheets? Try the Stuart advantage

For strains bred at ABR, researchers are given access to real time information about their colonies via a web interface to our animal management software called StuartWEB. This makes planning more reliable and minimises wastage.

Ordering is done directly through the StuartWEB interface.

Please see the following documents for further information about managing research colonies and StuartWEB.  

Managing Breeding of Research Colonies using StuartWeb

Frequently Asked Questions About Breeding Mice