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How to place an order with ABR

ABR offers products and services under two main categories - Animal Orders and Services.  All ordering is done using our online platform StuartWeb.  

If you don't already have an account or StuartWEB Access please see Set Up Account or StuartWeb Access.

Animal OrdersServices
  • Sale Strains
  • Researcher Colonies
  • Animal Transfers
  • Import and Export
  • Cryopreservation
  • Genome Editing - The MEGA Service
  • Rederivation
  • Line Information

Ordering Mice

Mice can be ordered from our Sale Strain Colonies or issued from Researcher Colonies.  Quick guides for ordering mice using StuartWeb are provided below.  

Ordering Sale Strain Mice on StuartWeb [pdf]

Ordering Mice from a Researcher's Own Colony on StuartWeb [pdf]

Please note that you must have the relevant AEC, IBC, and/or MTA approvals BEFORE placing orders.  

Instructions for Research Colonies

StuartWeb also has a section for managing research colonies called Lines.   The Lines section is used to input information regarding how colonies are managed in terms of phenotype, breeding, genotyping, and culling.  It separates out the on-going instructions for each line making these easier to find for ABR staff.  This frees up the communications platform to be used for specific instructions about individual mice.

Please refer to Maintaining Research Colonies for further information on using StuartWeb to update line instructions. 




All mice are transported in specially designed transport shippers with filtered ventilation panels to ensure the SPF quality of animals is maintained. ABR has a dedicated delivery van used for local deliveries (Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong). The van is fully air-conditioned and fitted out with enclosed shelving to ensure transport stress is minimised. 

Aged Stock

Stock is generally only held to 8 weeks of age. If you require older mice a longer lead time is required.

Time Mated Animals

Time mated animals can be requested from the sale strains and from client strains.
  • Mating is confirmed by the presence of a copulatory plug. The day the copulatory plug is observed is considered day 0 of pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy will be confirmed via ultrasound from day 10 pregnancy.
  • Delivery of pregnant mice after day 14 of pregnancy is not recommended.
  • Mice are guaranteed pregnant on the day of shipment from ABR. 
  • Mice shipped prior to day 10 gestation will not undergo an ultrasound and will not be guaranteed as pregnant. 
  • See the price list for associated costs.


Other Special Orders

  • Other Special Orders including tail tattooed, weighed mice,  weaners, and pregnant females, cannot be placed after the Van Deadlines for delivery (for Partner Institutes using the ABR delivery van). These orders require additional preparation and need a longer lead-time.  
  • Tail Tattoos: Please allow at least one week notice (7 days from delivery date) for tail tattooed mice.  
  • Courier delivery orders (excluding special orders) require at least TWO days notice prior to the desired delivery date. 

Credit Policy

Please check that your order is correct on receipt and notify ABR of any problems within 24 hours of delivery. The replacement of stock or a credit will be negotiated. No responsibility will be accepted if the notification of problems is not received in a timely fashion.

Cancellation of Orders

  • Standard orders – require a minimum of 72 hours notice or the full cost of animals will be invoiced
  • Time mating orders – must be cancelled prior to the mating or the full cost of animals will be invoiced
  • Standing orders – require a minimum of 30 days notice or the full cost of animals to be supplied during that 30 days will be invoiced
  • Tattoo orders - the full cost of tattoo orders cancelled less than 10 days before the delivery date will be invoiced.


Ordering Services

ABR Services are now ordered online via StuartWeb.  Anyone wishing to order services or track the progress of their service orders will require a StuartWeb Account.  Please see Set Up Account or Stuart Web Access to download a StuartWeb access form.  

Please find a quick guide to ordering services on StuartWeb below.

Ordering Services Using StuartWeb [pdf]


For additional assistance please contact ABR on (02) 9295 8565 or at 

Complaints / Problems with Orders

 ABR has an established complaints management procedure.  Should you have any problems with orders please find a summary of our complaints procedure in the following document. 

Complaints Procedure

Please also refer to the Australian BioResources Refund Policy for further information regarding our refunds.  

ABR Refund Policy